Emerge 212 Boutique Space

Looking for shared office space in New York to start new business or expand your business, Emerge212 Boutique space is the best choice. Our New York Shared office space is fully equipped with all the professional facilities required to fulfill your business needs including well furnished office furniture, telephone, and Internet services at a much lower cost than traditional offices.
New York Shared Office Space, Shared Office Space New York.

Rethink your space. Emerge212 Boutique Space redefines New York City commercial real estate so you can work in style, focus on what you do best and avoid hassles and overhead. Be part of the emerging trend with our three unique NYC space solutions.

Be smart with Boutique Office Space

Move into shared office space in New York today and get down to business yesterday

Be mobile with Boutique Virtual Space

Work anywhere but still have the Manhattan address and 212 area code you desire

Be seen with Boutique Concept Space

Play out your vision in bold, attention-getting space

Emerge212 - Boutique Office Space


New York City. It's the place to be for your innovative, growing, ahead-of-the-curve business. Be smart and avoid spending time, energy and resources on a traditional Manhattan office lease. Emerge212 Boutique Office Space gives you the Class A-quality Midtown office space you want in a turnkey solution. Ideal for small businesses, satellite offices, swing space, outsourcing, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, solo professionals, short-term disaster recovery and more, Emerge212 Boutique Office Space offers two prestigious Manhattan locations, which feature:

Fully furnished, fully wired, fully serviced office space, a variety of suite configurations ready to move in now
Pay-as-you-go Midtown conference rooms, plus Coffee Lounges and Wet Bars stocked with pick-me-ups and breakout areas with flat-screen TVs
State-of-the-art Technology infrastructure
Comprehensive menu of business services and support from onsite office Concierges and IT team

Focus on what you do best and be surrounded by other visionary companies. Learn about The Advantage and The Experience of Emerge212 Boutique Office Space for your business. Not ready for an office? Check out our Boutique Virtual Space solution.

Emerge212 - Office About - Locations

Modern, classic, true New York

Don't wait for the prestigious Midtown location and Class A-quality environment you desire. With Emerge212 Boutique Office Space, you can have them now. Energize your staff, elevate your business image and project confidence and success with one of our two iconic Midtown Manhattan business addresses.


Emerge212 Boutique Office Space at 28 West 44th Street is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, in a vibrant, sophisticated neighborhood between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square. Built in 1919, the 23-story landmarked building offers entrances on both 43rd and 44th Streets. The main floor features a convenient retail arcade and an elegant, renovated lobby encased in Botticino marble with travertine flooring and mahogany-paneled elevators. It was home of The New Yorker magazine from 1941 through 1992. Our Boutique Office Space is on the 15th and 16th floors, with stunning views of the Chrysler and Met Life Buildings. View our neighborhood map.


Emerge212 Boutique Office Space at 3 Columbus circle, prominently situated at one of the city's most vibrant locations at the crossroads of culture and commerce, 3 Columbus Circle has rapidly transformed into a renowned symbol of business. This reimagined tower boasts a sleek glass curtain wall, a new entrance and canopy, each contributing to a commanding power, focus and presence. 3 Columbus Circle offers efficient, flexible floor layouts, and boasting views sweeping Central Park and Manhattan’s business center. This 29-story Class A building has undergone a complete facelift which includes a new curtain wall system consisting of high-performance insulated low-emissivity glazing units set within finely detailed extruded aluminum frames. While the new windows increase the Building's energy efficiency, it also provides a bright and clear view free of any tint. Our Boutique office space is on the 15th and 16th Floors, with dazzling views overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park. View our neighborhood map.


Emerge212 Boutique Office Space aat 125 Park Avenue, prominently situated at one of the city's most vibrant locations, 125 Park is a 25 story office building located in the Grand Central District of Midtown Manhattan. This center is a high-end contemporary-style executive business center, ideal for expanding and transitional businesses. Impress your clients from the moment they enter the lobby, featuring new marble floors finished with Italian Balsatina stone highlighted with vaulted ceilings finished with Venetian plaster. It features a classic brick and terracotta exterior, arch windows and columns near the crown, which offer European style in the center of Manhattan. Enjoy the distinguished exterior of an ornate, pre-war building coupled with the conveniences of a modern, impressive interior. Our Boutique office space is on the 25th and 26th Floors, with captivating views overlooking The East River and Grand Central Station. View our neighborhood map.

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Emerge212 - Menu Of Services

Emerge212 Boutique Office Space accommodates your business with style, efficiency and a comprehensive Menu of Services. We pride ourselves on offering you the latest in Technology. Highlights include:

Executive boardrooms and conference rooms available for rental by the hour or day
Comprehensive catering services, from hassle-free business lunches to ice-cold beverage selections
Supplies and amenities for productive meetings (white boards, easels, wall Post-Its, etc.)
Hot desks and day offices (3 or 4 person) available for rental by the hour or day

Building ID cards and personal key cards for your individual office
All utilities
Nightly trash removal and housekeeping
Additional furniture for a customized office

50 Mbps Internet connectivity with full DS3 redundancy
Gigabit LAN connections
Professional support staff: desktop support and senior systems engineers available 24/7
Server rack room space
Telephones: Cisco IP Communication Phones 7945 or 7965 (6 lines)
212-direct dial
Live operator or interactive call answering
Discounts on PC rentals and purchases
Network and local printing; network scanning

Explore Technology for more details.

Copy services (black & white, color)
CD/DVD copying
Document presentation services (binding)
Facsimile services (incoming/outgoing, personal fax/analog line)
Full-service mail handling/package delivery service; door-to-door mail delivery (USPS, Bulk Mail, FedEx, local messenger)
Office supply ordering

Temporary staffing assistance: data entry, typing (Word and Excel) and graphics (PowerPoint, charts, etc.)

Download our Menu of Services brochure to view current pricing.

Emerge212 - Technology

Fast, secure, responsive, ready

Emerge212 Boutique Office Space offers your business the luxury of next generation technology. Our powerful, adaptable infrastructure gets you up and running immediately. We can accommodate unique network configurations or telecommunication requirements, plus we provide additional services that are available only as needed—a good way to manage costs. Technology highlights at both Emerge212 locations include:
DS3 lines for ultra high-speed connectivity
Unparalleled onsite technology team, highly trained and holding multiple certifications (A+, Network+, Cisco Systems among others), with solutions to your IT demands
Customized network solutions
Rack space available to house your equipment in our state-of-the-art server rooms

Be sure to review specific technology offerings from Emerge 212. Of course, technology is just part of the Emerge212 story. Check out our complete Menu of Services.

Emerge212 - The Experience

The Experience

Emerge212 takes space and transforms it into dynamic experiences. Whatever Boutique Office Space you choose, you will come into contact with our four key brand pillars, which form the foundation for how we work, interact and enjoy our professional lives.
Our environments are boutique in quality and experiential in style—we train our team to the highest standards in hospitality and professionalism
We stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest in real estate solutions
We promote an ambitious community by providing our clients with opportunities to network at lecture series, themed luncheons, wine/whiskey tastings and other hosted events
We are authentically New York, reflecting the city's innate verve, style and creativity

The Boutique Office Experience

Enter our Boutique Offices, and you'll immediately sense the difference. Each of our three midtown Manhattan locations conveys its own style through a signature music mix and scent: innovative and bold at 125 Park Ave, 3 Columbus Circle and fresh at 28 West 44th Street. You and your guests are personally welcomed in our stylish reception areas, where you can also refresh yourself with the flavored water du jour at our 212/H20 bars.

At Emerge212, you'll be part of a vibrant office community, getting to know other business professionals at our inviting Coffee Lounges and Wet Bars and at Emerge212 networking events. We also invite you to join us in volunteering to support worthy NYC organizations.

Emerge212 - The Advantage

The Advantage

At Emerge212, we know that one size—or solution—does not work for every business, especially a growing one. Count on us to customize our fully furnished office space to your needs, so you pay for the space that fits your business now. Compare the advantages of Emerge212 Boutique Office Space over direct space or sublets, and you'll see why Emerge212 is the smart choice for today's companies.
Sign a flexible lease rather than a lengthy traditional lease; our leasing terms allow you to react to marketplace changes and your internal demands quickly and efficiently
Enjoy the immediate gratification of class A-quality space; your company doesn't need to wait to get the image it needs
Enter the NYC market quickly and easily without the typical red tape; test the waters without a long-term commitment
Use your money for business growth instead of capital expenditures (furniture, equipment, etc.) that depreciate quickly; enjoy top-quality surroundings without the upfront financial outlay
Manage day-to-day office expenses more effectively; we include utilities, maintenance and other expenses in your monthly rental—no surprises!
Use our Emerge212 staff when the need arises for administrative or technical support; never be over- or under-staffed
In expansion mode? Use our space in the interim during a build-out or renovation—or just long enough to realize your exact requirements
Be prepared, no matter what; include Emerge212 in your contingency plan so that your business can continue to operate smoothly in case of an emergency like a fire or flood
Not sure what the future holds? Emerge212 is the perfect short-term solution as you determine what your company's exact space requirements should be

Emerge212 - Virtual Space


The ultimate business calling card has a phone number with a 212 area code. Possess this coveted number yet be mobile on terms that make financial sense with Emerge212 Boutique Virtual Space. Whether you are constantly on the road or work from a home office, a virtual office in New York lends prestige to your company without changing your lifestyle.
212 telephone number and NY, NY mailing address, wherever your business is located
Two virtual office NYC locations
Phone calls professionally answered in the name of your company, then forwarded to your voicemail or preferred phone number
Mail handling/delivery included in affordable monthly fee (forward or hold for pick up)
Pay-as-you-go Midtown conference rooms and office suites available when you need them; reserve online easily

Discover the benefits of a virtual office in New York. Don't wish for the image you want—get it today with Emerge212 Boutique Virtual Space. Shop Now.

Emerge212 - Virtual Space - Midtown Locations

Midtown locations

Emerge212 Boutique Virtual Space gives your business the 212 area code you want plus your choice of two prestigious Midtown mailing addresses. So be in The Capital of the World even if your real address is the suburbs, San Francisco or Seoul. Whether you choose our modern skyscraper in the dynamic Times Square District or our landmarked building on Club Row near Grand Central Station, you have that all-important NYC presence with a seamless experience. On occasions when you are actually in NYC (not just virtually), you can book an Emerge212 conference room for meetings or a fully furnished, fully wired hot desk or day office by the hour or day through our Emerge212 Concierges.

Emerge212 - Virtual Space - Benefits

The Benefits

Your corporate headquarters is in LA or the UK, but you want to close deals in NYC. Your home office is uptown or in the tri-state area, but you need to meet clients in Midtown. You launched your start-up in New Jersey, but you want to project a Manhattan attitude. You can have a New York City presence, realize significant cost savings and work in a way that suits your business style. The best part? Your virtual office is available now.

With a coveted 212 phone number and Midtown Manhattan mailing address, your virtual office will allow you to:

Emerge212 - Virtual Space - The Experience

The Experience

Emerge212 takes space and transforms it into dynamic experiences. Even when you choose our Boutique Virtual Space, you will come into contact with our four key brand pillars, which form the foundation for how we work, interact and enjoy our professional lives.


Emerge212 Boutique Virtual Space creates an experience that blends image and affordability seamlessly. Your clients perceive your company as having a NYC office, inclusive of a Manhattan address, a 212 phone number and sophisticated Midtown conference space. You enjoy the flexibility to work at home, on the road or from your corporation's headquarters, while projecting a confident, professional image for your company in Midtown Manhattan.

Our Emerge212 office environments are available when you need to host a meeting, pitch new business or hold an interview, or just when you want to be energized with a day in the city surrounded by innovative, ambitious companies like yours.

Emerge212 - FAQ

1. Who is Emerge212?

Emerge212 is a wholly owned subsidiary of SL Green Realty Corp., which has over 20 years' experience leasing commercial real estate in New York City. SL Green is a publicly traded real estate investment trust that is New York City's largest commercial office landlord. Merging the benefits of a small, agile, client-focused company with the stability of a well-established corporate entity, Emerge212 is redefining real estate with three distinctive space solutions: Boutique Office Space, Boutique Virtual Space and Boutique Concept Space. We have been serving our clients for over a decade and recently changed our name from eEmerge to Emerge212 Boutique Space.

2. Where is Emerge212 located?
Our name says it all. We are located exclusively in New York City.

3. Why is it called Boutique Space?
Like a boutique hotel, shop or service provider, Emerge212 believes in offering space solutions that are unique, personalized and distinctive. Our spaces are functional but created with great style. Our services are professional but delivered with real hospitality. The experience is all business but energized with a true New York City vibe.

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Emerge212 - Privacy Policy

At Emerge212 Boutique Space, we want to help you to be smart, be mobile and be seen with innovative space solutions. While we need to know more about you and your business to provide you with a customized recommendation, we also respect your right to privacy. Here are details of our Privacy Policy for this website.

Information Collection, Use and Sharing

Emerge212 will protect any information you give us. We do not sell, rent or share your information with anyone else. However, on occasion, we may internally analyze information from website visitors to help us improve our current services and continue to redefine real estate.

When you provide Emerge212 with your contact information, we will use it to respond to your request or inquiry. We also ask you to create a profile with your business information and preferences before accessing certain sections of this website. We do this specifically to help you find the Boutique Space solution that will work best for your needs. If you choose not to provide information or create a profile, you may still browse most of our website.

Unless you opt out of future communications, we may contact you via email with special offers, updates about Emerge212 and any new services, or with changes to this Privacy Policy. You may opt out of receiving Emerge212 information at any time by emailing us at emerge.info@emerge212.com. You can also opt back in and have an Emerge212 representative contact you based on your previous or new preferences.


We are committed to safeguarding personal information like credit card details during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input. Only Emerge212 employees who need the information to complete your transaction (for example, billing or customer service) will have access to personally identifiable information, all of which is stored in a secure environment. To help protect yourself against any unauthorized access to your profile, be sure to log off when you finish visiting our site.


The Emerge212 website may contain links to other sites. We don’t take responsibility for the content or the privacy policies and practices of these other websites. We suggest that you read the privacy statements of these linked sites, as theirs may differ from ours.

Emerge212 - About Us

Our Story

Emerge212 Boutique Space, a wholly owned subsidiary of SL Green Realty Corp., has been redefining NYC real estate with innovative space solutions for over a decade. Taking inspiration from the hospitality sector, Emerge212 merges functional, cost-effective New York City space with the trending style, customized service, high energy and unique ambiance found in the finest Manhattan boutique hotels.

We first created Emerge212 to help businesses project a sophisticated NYC image without the usual overhead, hassles or restrictive terms of a typical office lease. Our Boutique Office Space addresses the future trend in officing: to lease only the space you need but enjoy the immediate gratification of having the Class A-quality space you deserve.

Our product line also features two other nontraditional space solutions. Boutique Virtual Space impresses your clients and investors with a Manhattan image, highlighted by a 212 phone number and business address, without committing to full-time physical space. Boutique Concept Space caters to the simplest or wildest of temporary space needs. Offering a portal where you can easily search our portfolio of diverse spaces throughout New York City, Boutique Concept Space is ideal for events, experiential marketing campaigns, storefront pop-up activation's, film locations and more.

Recently, Emerge212 introduced Stepping Stone Space: the next step in innovative office space solutions. It's ideal when you want a New York office to hang your hat, but you're not quite ready for a full office. It's comprised of a fully equipped workstation in a shared office with access to all of Emerge212's many services.

With the promise of superb Manhattan locations and a comprehensive menu of business services, Emerge212 is poised to help your business stay ahead and emerge successful. Our philosophy is to be agile, service-minded and forward thinking, while offering our clients the stability and resources of our parent company, SL Green Realty Corp., New York City's largest commercial office landlord.

We stay ahead, thanks to a dynamic team. Meet Our Team now and learn their Manhattan stories!