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Beverly Hills virtual office including a 90210 mailing address, live answering, mail receiving and forwarding service, private telephone number, voicemail and conference room access for your business.

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"Your Source for Virtual Offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles"

Imagine how much more impressive your business would look if it had a Beverly Hills address. It would be instantly associated with Tiffany, with Armani, with class, stability, and other vibrant companies such as your own. Such a fashionable address would impress your clients and customers and would show them a recognizable and inspiring address that would make them eager to do business with you.

Your business can have a presence as a virtual office in one of the more recognizable and desirable locations in the world for as little as $75 per month. We can provide mail receiving and forwarding services with a Beverly Hills, 90210 mailing address that stores your incoming mail and packages privately and securely until you or someone you designate picks it up, or, if you prefer, any mail received at our location can be forwarded to you for a modest additional charge.


We also offer telephone services including your own, personal telephone number in the 310 area code. While our Basic Package immediately routes your calls to a private voicemail box, our Standard Package expands on that service with live answering, having a receptionist answer your calls with a personal greeting that you provide. With our Transfer Package, mail and telephone calls are forwarded to you directly and automatically, which means you don't ever need to travel to our location or miss any important calls. The secretary will screen your calls and if you choose to take the call the call will be transferred to you.

We never charge any setup fee for any of our virtual office or coworking plans, and we don't require you to tie up any of your capital with a security deposit or commit to any long-term contract. When you don't waste time locating and furnishing expensive office space that is rarely used, you can concentrate on growing your business instead of your expenses. Many different businesses can benefit by having a temporary or permanent Los Angeles virtual office or one in Beverly Hills. You can also rent and have access to our conference room on an hourly basis to conduct business, just as if it were your own.

Grow your business, not your overhead! Apollo Business Centers gives you an office with no strings attached, and one you can point to with pride when you tell your clients to meet you in your Beverly Hills, 90210 office.

Please contact us today with any questions you may have or to begin enjoying the virtual office we can provide.



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Apollo Business Center - Learn More - Virtual Offices

Virtual Offices

Prestigious mailing address and telephone receptionist to answer calls
Ability to rent a meeting and conference room
Private telephone number and voice mailbox services
No setup fees and month-to-month payments
Reduce your overhead and grow your business
compare packages...

What is a Virtual Office?

The term virtual office is new, only showing up in the past twenty years or so. While it's often used in relation to telecommuting, the virtual office packages offered through Apollo Business Centers include much more.

A virtual office can include many desirable features. Without the expense of a traditional rented space, a virtual office can provide you with a prestigious mailing address, a telephone receptionist to answer incoming calls, and the use of meeting and conference rooms. Instead of renting costly space that is often underused or vacant because your sales force is outside, busy making contacts and increasing sales, you can only pay for what you need when you need it.

The virtual office concept provided by Apollo Business Centers acts like a post office box in some respects. First, your business receives a Los Angeles or Beverly Hills address where your mail is held privately. Second, phone answering services are available from nine in the morning until five in the evening, Pacific Time, and calls can be forwarded to whatever number you choose. This forwarding is transparent to your callers.

These services allow you to increase your business, not your overhead. From the outside, your business will appear and function as if it were located in one of the more prestigious and desirable parts of the world. All mail and packages will be handled through that address, just as if you had a street presence. Moreover, that same address can be used for client or other business meetings in our conference room, which can be rented on an hourly, as-needed basis, and which offers a view of Beverly Hills.

You business can also have a private telephone number and voice mailbox, or a V-Tree phone service. If desired, your mail can be forwarded, saving you the time and money of visiting your virtual office space.

The advantages of having a virtual office provided by Apollo Business Centers speak for themselves. A Beverly Hills address can strengthen the look of your business while permitting you to conduct your affairs in the same way you have for years. One of our carefully designed packages, each created to answer the needs of our discriminating clients, is certain to fill your requirements. Please review our services and options and consider us for your needs. Your business will be glad you did.

Apollo Business Center - Services - Virtual Services

Virtual Services

No setup fees and affordable rates for all virtual office packages
A variety of services and packages to choose from, starting at only $75 per month
Respected Beverly Hills, 90210 address
rent one of our conference rooms or private offices equipped with video conferencing capabilities.
Great alternative for a wide variety of individuals and businesses

compare packages...

We provide all the tools you need to conduct your business using mail and telephone services that function as if you were physically located in one of the world's best known and respected locations, starting as low as $75 per month.

All of our service packages, from our simple Mail Package that lets you use our Beverly Hills address as if it were your own, to our Transfer Package that also lets incoming telephone calls be forwarded to a telephone number you provide after being personally answered by a receptionist, let you grow your business from anywhere while having a business presence in desirable Beverly Hills. You can live the lifestyle you want, anywhere you choose, while clients and customers will contact you transparently through a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles address. We also provide virtual assistants at very reasonable prices.

The virtual office we supply does not require any costly leases or security deposits. We can provide your business with telephone and mail service for one month, or for years. Incoming calls can go directly to voicemail in our Basic Package, or answered by our receptionist using your company's name and transferred to a number you provide through our Transfer service. All of our packages allow you to rent our modern conference room with its inspiring view for client or customer meetings.

Apollo Business Centers is used by a wide variety of individuals and businesses, including those who require a physical meeting place, many who do not need to pay for costly office space, and those who require our services for one time or occasionally and do not need any office space or even a business identity. We provide all these, and more, with no set-up fee and no deposit.

You can grow your business, not your overhead, and look like a million dollar company for as little as $75 a month. You can prevent your business from drowning in needless overhead while still giving it an address others will recognize and respect. All you need to do is call us at (888) 70-90210 and let us answer your questions using our frequently asked questions and begin setting you up today!

Apollo Business Center - Individual Services

Individual Services

Pick and choose the services you need and want including additions to our packages

Upgrade any package, starting at $75.00 per month, with the virtual services offered below

compare packages...

Hourly Office Rental
Office to work out of during the day or just for a few hours
Desk, phone and Internet line included
$25 per hour or add-on (3 hours) for $60 per month

Conference Room Package
Add-on (3 hours)
$60 per month

Time is per month with no rollover
Packages do not apply for after hours or weekends

More packages available...please ask for details!

Live Answering
Receptionist will answer phones and transfer to one phone number of choice
$135 per month

Toll-Free Phone Number
(888, 877, 866 or 855)
$25 per month

Additional Voicemail
$50 per month

Transfer to U.S. Phone Number of Choice
$25 per month

After Hour Direct Transfer
Client is directly transferred to any U.S. phone number of choice
$25 per month

After Hour Option Transfer
Client is sent to your voicemail, with the option to leave you a voicemail or be directly transferred to any U.S. phone number of choice
$25 per month

Voicemail to Email
Receive your voicemails via email
$10 per month

Email Notification for Voicemails
$10 per month

Traditional Fax
Receive hard faxes at offices
$25 per month

Fax-to-Email Service
Fax directly to email with a personalized fax number
$15 per month

411 Listing
One time set-up fee of $10 and $4 per month thereafter




































Apollo Business Center - Packages

Virtual Packages
Starting at only $75 per month

All our packages include the use of our Beverly Hills, CA 90210 mailing address

You have the ability to upgrade any of the packages below with a variety of add-ons, please visit our individual services page

None of our virtual packages require a setup fee and are on a month-to-month contract

Reduce your overhead and grow you business, sign-up today!

frequently asked questions...

Compare Our Packages
Mail Package
$75 per month
Basic Package
$125 per month
Standard Package
$145 per month
Transfer Package
$165 per month
Package includes use of our Beverly Hills, 90210 mailing address
On-site private mailbox
Mail and package handling
Mail forwarding
(at an extra charge)
Ability to rent a conference room on an hourly "as-needed" basis
Includes a private telephone number and voice mailbox
That number will be answered live in your company's name, Monday thru Friday, between 9am-5pm
Call will be transfered to one number of your choice













In addition to packages, we also offer individual services...

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Apollo Business Centers
Beverly Hills Virtual Offices

Toll-Free: (888) 70-90210
Local: (310) 461-1900
Facsimile: (310) 461-1901

Via the Internet
Please fill out the fields below to sign-up via the internet.
Your information will be forwarded to one of our representatives.
You will be contacted by phone or through e-mail to continue the setup process.

Apollo Business Center - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Virtual Office FAQs

What is a Virtual Office?
A virtual office is usually a combination of a mailing address and telephone number that act as a business presence. Mail or calls received at the virtual office can either be stored there or forwarded. Meeting facilities at the address are available.

Who Uses a Virtual Office?
A virtual office can be used by anyone. Some companies, when just starting up, cannot afford costly office space that is often underused. Virtual offices are also effective when expanding, since a business presence can be made before deciding if a physical presence is necessary. They are often useful as a branch office, or as a meeting place.

Why Use a Virtual Office?
A virtual office saves much-needed capital. Instead of increasing overhead and expenses that may threaten the survival of your business, a virtual office saves money and lets you concentrate on growing your business, not your expenses. Saved from set-up fees and security deposits, a virtual office supplied by Apollo Business Centers can provide a month-to-month or long-term presence. Customers and clients will contact and work with a virtual office the same way they would with a physical one.

How Does Virtual Office Mail Forwarding Work?
Mail or parcels received at the address of the virtual office are stored privately until you come and pick it up. For a modest additional fee, we can forward your mail to you, or you can designate someone to retrieve it for you. Our Transfer Package includes both mail and telephone forwarding.

How Can Your Beverly Hills Virtual Office Service Help My Growing Business?
It would be hard to put a price on a Beverly Hills address, but how about $75 per month? Our plans begin with that low price, yet your business still has all the prestige and positive associations that come with the best known address in the world: Beverly Hills, 90210. Your clients and customers will have an increased respect for your business and will be more eager to do business with you.

Do You Have Space Where I Can Come and Work or Meet Clients?

Yes! We have a fully furnished conference room that you can rent by the hour. The room provides a striking view of the Beverly Hills neighborhood and all the amenities needed to conduct business. Your clients will be eager to meet with you in your Beverly Hills office, and will come willing to do business!

Where Can I Find More Information About Virtual Offices?
You can find more information about how virtual offices work by visiting:
"How Virtual Offices Work" by HowStuffWorks, Inc.

Live Operator

Telephone Forwarding

Mail Forwarding Service

Growing Business




































Apollo Business Center - Virtual Offices Advantages

Virtual Offices Advantages

  • Save lots of money without a secretary and put that towards growing your business instead
  • Prestigious Beverly Hills, 90210 address for as little as $75 per month
  • No more meetings at your clients' offices or at coffee shops
  • Schedule meetings at your Beverly Hills office and utilize our state-of-the-art conference room
    benefits of a virtual office...
    Advantages of a Virtual Office








    Advantages to a Beverly Hills Virtual Office

    Clients and customers react favorably to a Beverly Hills address, one that carries prestige, respect, and is well-known. Among all the addresses in the world, none match the class and glamour of Beverly Hills. Whatever your service or business, you'd want such an address for your own since it best reflects your company's taste, status, and clientele.

    But locations in that part of the world are rare and costly. Since more businesses fail because of high overhead costs than for any other reason, it isn't usually unsound business plans or misdirected efforts that drown your business: it's expenses that exceed income.

    One substantial expense is leasing or renting costly office space that is rarely used. While it's long been realized that warehousing or storing supplies is more cost-efficient when done in remote, low cost areas, it's not as obvious that normal office space also benefits from this idea. Conference rooms, which only see occasional use, cost as much per square foot as a reception area and drain income.

    A virtual office, such as one supplied by Apollo Business Centers, eliminates the ongoing expenses associated with renting costly office space. Our virtual office packages, which start as low as $75 per month, will give your business a mailing address that will instantly give your business credibility. Your clients, customers, and suppliers, everyone with whom you conduct mail business, will send their correspondence to an address they recognize and respect, and that you can use as your own.

    We don't charge any setup fees, and we can provide virtual offices on a month-to-month basis. This means you can begin using your Beverly Hills address right away, without any expensive security deposits or long-term commitments.

    Our Basic Package includes a private telephone number with the same area as the address of your virtual office, our Standard Package includes a receptionist to answer your calls during regular business hours, and transfers them to your mailbox. Our Transfer Package lets those incoming calls be forwarded transparently to a phone number of your choosing. Your physical office can be located anywhere you want, but from the outside it will look as though it's situated in prestigious Beverly Hills, or in Los Angeles, if that's your preference.

    All of our plans let you rent our conference room on an hourly basis. The inspirational view it provides of an area of the world that is without equal will make you eager to suggest that your clients "meet you in your Beverly Hills, 90210, office," and they will arrive with expectations of doing business.

    Without moving, your business can have a presence in the most famous zip code in the world. Please contact us today with any questions you may have or visit our frequently asked questions page and give your business a boost!

    Virtual Office Advantages

    Beverly Hills Location


























    Apollo Business Center - Virtual Office Benefits

    Virtual Office Benefits

  • Prestigious Beverly Hills, 90210 address
  • Reduce the startup costs of your business
  • A variety of affordable virtual packages to choose from
  • State-of-the-art conference room with video conferencing capabilities
  • No setup fees and month-to-month plans are available
    advantages of a virtual office...
    Benefits of a Virtual Office









    Who Can Benefit By Having a Virtual Office?

    Any business, whether it's just starting out, is established, or needs a branch in prestigious Beverly Hills or elsewhere in Los Angeles, can benefit by having a virtual office with Apollo Business Centers.

    A virtual office provided by Apollo Business Centers can substantially reduce the startup costs of any business while simultaneously giving it a solid business presence in one of the more famous and desirable locations in the world. Instead of worrying over a long-term lease and paying expensive security deposits for office space that may be rarely used, our virtual office plans let you work from anywhere you like while still enjoying the benefits of a prestigious address.

    The advantages of having a business address and telephone number that are instantly recognizable, along with being able to rent a conference room at that same address on an hourly basis, lends credibility to your business while saving on the overhead that can sink a business before it has a chance to succeed.

    Established businesses located in other parts of the world, too, can benefit greatly by having a business presence in Beverly Hills, California, 90210. Instead of renting or leasing expensive commercial property, or when your needs cannot wait, our virtual office plans can give you a virtual branch office just where you want, just when you want it. Our impressive conference room can be rented by the hour for your business meeting needs, all without long-term commitments or the costs of furnishing a rarely-used facility.

    Those who work and provide necessary services from home can avoid the stigma of a post office box for as little as $75 a month. Instead of a vague, generic box number, your business can have a bona fide physical address, and one located in Beverly Hills. With our Transfer Package, your mail and incoming phone calls can be forwarded to you, saving you the necessity of ever leaving your existing work location.

    Any new, existing, or distant business can benefit by having a Los Angeles virtual office, especially one in glamorous Beverly Hills. Visit our frequently asked questions page to answer any of your questions. Contact us today to establish a presence and watch your business, not your expenses, grow with no strings attached!


    Conference Room




















    Apollo Business Center - Conference Room

    Conference Room

  • Seats 8-12 People comfortably
  • State of the art LifeSize video conferencing system
  • Great views of Beverly Hills & Century City
  • Our conference rooms rent for $25 per hour or add-on (3 hours) for $60 per month
    check conference room availability...
    Beverly Hills Conference Room










    About Our Conference Rooms

    Conference Room Rental

    Our conference rooms are the perfect place to conduct your business meetings, meet with new clients or existing customers, or host training classes. At a small additional charge we also provide videoconferencing. It comes with all the amenities you'd expect or need, boasts a striking view, and is available for rental by the hour.

    Imagine being able to tell your clients or customers to meet with you in Beverly Hills, 90210! Our conference rooms or meeting facilities will let you do just that, and no one who visits with you will leave unimpressed. The prestige, glamour, and vibrancy of Beverly Hills will ensure that everyone is eager to show up and do business, and your business will inherit everything the area's atmosphere has to offer.

    We already have everything you need to conduct a successful and memorable business meeting. Your customers will be favorably impressed with our facilities and your obvious taste and concern. Your existing clients or suppliers will feel appreciated and rewarded, and if you're hosting a meeting for your own staff, their morale will soar. A meeting in Beverly Hills is like no other, and you can begin establishing your business's legacy as soon as you give Apollo Business Centers a call.

    Our conference rooms are more than simply a table surrounded by comfortable chairs. We can provide simple refreshments, including gourmet coffee and tea, as well as supplying most typical business services such as fax, copying services, and high speed Internet access. We will be delighted to work with you in making certain that everything you need to make sure your meeting meets your highest standards.

    Please contact us today at (888) 70-90210 or visit our frequently asked questions page to answer any of your questions, and give us your wishes. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're delighted. Since you won't be paying any set-up fees or expensive security deposits, you can concentrate on growing your business instead of your expenses.


    Beverly Hills




















    Apollo Business Center - Business Services

    Business Services

  • Free business consultation
  • Full company formation services
  • Goal development
  • Turn-key websites and email packages
  • Merchant services

    contact us for more information...

    Beverly Hills Virtual Office








    Small Business Development Services

    We offer a wide variety of small business development services, for start-ups, home-based businesses, and businesses that are still trying to get off the ground.

    We are committed to making sure each client is provided with every resource, tool, and opportunity to succeed, not only in their first few years, but in the years to come.

    By focusing on Business Development, Support, and Incubation we are able to provide a wide selection of services to enable small and home-based businesses to successfully compete with businesses that have already established themselves.

    Business Development: Business Consultation, Goal Development, and Full Company Formation Services.

    If you have not formed your company, stop by for a free consultation. We can discuss the all of the options available to you, and enable you to make a more informed decision before you choose which structure is right for your new business. After, we can for the company for you on the spot, or you can do it yourself.

    Business Support: Turn-Key Websites, Email Packages, Toll-Free Vanity Numbers, Merchant Services, IT Services, Social Networking website-integration, Trademark & Branding, Logo Design, Business Cards.

    There are so many different business support services out there to choose from. We take care of all the details, allowing you to create a custom, convenient, affordable package that meets your individual small business needs. You only pay for the services you choose.

    Business Incubation: 5 year Business Plans, Mentoring, Business Networking Mixers, Sub-contracting opportunities, Trade shows & Conventions, Affordable Marketing solutions, HR Solutions, Business Management Solutions.

    Some new business need an extra helping hand and some realize a collaborative approach fits their business model better than the standard brick-and-mortar office concept. You don't have to do everything by yourself. We will take the time to get to know your business, anticipate your needs, and help guide you around many of the common obstacles and challenges that most new business owners face.

    We also concentrate on expanding your business presence in the right places. What good does it do to waste time and money advertising to those who aren't interested in your products or services? We will help you develop a comprehensive marketing and business networking plan to maximize your exposure to the companies and consumers that want and need what you have to offer.

    From concept to completion we're there for you. Let us take most of the hassle, worry, and guess-work out of starting your new business. For less than $10 per day we can provide you with everything you need to run a successful small business.

    Come see what you've been missing.

    Executive Suites

    Beverly Hills Map of Office



























    Apollo Business Center - Beverly Hills Executive Suites

    Beverly Hills Executive Suites

  • Beautiful view of Beverly Hills
  • Professionally furnished office
  • Air conditioned suites
  • Mail forwarding (at an extra charge)
  • Ability to rent a conference room on an hourly "as-needed" basis
    contact us for availability...
    Beverly Hills Executive Suites









    Beverly Hills Executive Suites

    Whether your needs are temporary or permanent, Apollo Business Centers can supply your business with executive suites located in prestigious Beverly Hills. An office location in one of the best known locations in the world isn't beyond your grasp, and our executive suites come furnished with everything you need to get right to work.

    Our executive suites come with an executive desk, behind which sit an impressive leather captain's chair. Seats for visitors are included as well, and great views of Beverly Hills are included. Since you pay for only the office you need and not for expensive and underused office space for staff who may work outside, your business expenses are more in line with your business needs. You don't need to pay for costly reception or administrative square footage, and Apollo Business Centers never charge any set-up fees.

    When you need to meet, included in the price of your executive suite is five hours use of our conference room each month. This is the ideal location for hosting meetings with clients, suppliers, customers, or staff, and everyone will be eager to visit Beverly Hills.

    Your executive suite is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, as are all our facilities. You'll have use of a kitchenette that includes gourmet coffee and teas, and we can provide fax and high speed Internet service as well. You're closer than you think to moving in, and a call to Apollo Business Centers will let you focus on growing your business, not your overhead. You can save on the expenses that drown so many new businesses, or provide an executive suite for yourself in the middle of an area held in high esteem.

    If you are interested in renting an office by the hour, please visit our office rental page for more information.

    Please contact us today with any questions you may have or visit our frequently asked questions page, and free your business from the strings that are holding it back.

    Executive Suites

    Executive Suites



















    Apollo Business Center - Office Tour

    Office Tour

    Beverly Hills Office Tour









    Reception Area

    Our reception area is accessible 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and includes a full reception area with waiting room. Those meeting with you will wait comfortably until you arrive, and will do so in a tastefully-arranged waiting room that is carefully maintained.

    Conference Room
    Our conference room is available for rental on an hourly basis. It provides a view of Beverly Hills and is the perfect location for you to host a business meeting. Clients and customers react favorably to a meeting in one of the best known locations in the world, one known for elegance, prestige, and high taste. Our conference room can be rented without any costly setup fees or security deposits, which lets you concentrate on growing your business, not your overhead.

    Executive Suites
    Apollo Business Centers can provide your business with executive suites that you can rent on a month-to-month basis without any security deposits or setup fees. Every office includes a leather captain's chair, an executive desk, and visitor chairs. Access to a kitchenette with gourmet coffee and teas is included, as is use of our conference room for five hours each month.

    Our kitchenette, like all of our facilities, is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Primarily for use by those who are renting an Executive Suite from us, our kitchenette provides the ability to prepare and serve simple meals. Included in the kitchenette is access to gourmet coffee and teas.

    We provide virtual offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Our virtual services include mail and telephone services, and our Beverly Hills conference room is among the finest available for hourly rental.

    All of our facilities include on-site management, which means someone is always available to assist you. Most issues can be handled before you're even aware of them because we have someone there looking out for you. This lets you run your business the way you like, with no strings attached.

    Please Contact Apollo Business Centers today to begin enjoying the benefits of one of our virtual office plans, or to inquire about renting our facilities for a memorable and successful business meeting.

    Conference Room

    Executive Suites

    Beverly Hills


























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    Apollo Business Centers
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    If needed, you will be contacted by phone or through e-mail.

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